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terrariamodapk.com having full and 100% working version of Terraria Mod APK. When you search for the APK version on the internet the most of the results are not up to the mark and not fully loaded version. That can be an incomplete version of the Android app.

It the Latest version of Terraria in which you can enjoy updated Mounts in Terraria, i will try to explain some of them.

Mounts worked a lot differently back then you see back then a mount was something that you spawned in yourself using a special item and then when you were on a mount you couldn’t do anything else like using a weapon or swinging. A pickaxe so people would just essentially use them for mini-games because they would make you jump a little bit higher or they would make you run a little bit faster.

That meant you could make mini-games where everybody was doing the exact same ability all at once but couldn’t kill each other. It probably still would and at the top, we have the reindeer bells because that was actually really good because it allowed you to run pretty damn fast so let’s take a look at the one point 3.5 version of this list. Let’s begin 5 so kick-starting this list in the number 5 spot is the slimy saddle now this one actually got the number 2 spot back three years ago but funnily enough even though it’s better it’s getting the bottom list you see the slimy saddle is without a doubt one of my favorites. Oomba stomping mechanic and that’s where you can jump on an enemy’s head and deal some awesome damage now if you trap that enemy between that enemies head.  And a roof you can deal absolutely tons of damage.

It’s actually a pretty high drop rate of 50%  in expert mode but because it only moves up and down it’s not very good at moving around or traversing the world. So, when you will swap it out pretty quickly after killing one or two enemies with it. It’s just so fun to use and I guess that’s what mounts were originally added into terraria for just to be fun for so in the   number-4 spot is the cosmic car key now this was a lot higher on my list originally but you should not use it. That often anymore you back in the day. Basically never use this mount you see every time I wanted to use it.

Martian madness is an average event. You should find it to be very repetitive and that the UFOs in that event are pre overpowered. So, just don’t really get it anymore the cool thing about this mount though and it will remain awesome is the fact that it gives you infinite flight so you can actually take off your wings. And then replace that accessory slot with something that gives extra damage or extra defense. This mount deserves a spot on the list because it is actually really useful and a better alternative.

Now so, you don’t need it as much three now in the number three spot is the scaly truffle and this is not to be confused with the shrimpy truffle. That’s the one that spawns cute fish run we’re talking only about the one that spawns pig run. When you go into hard mode and you actually fish in a hallowed pond now the reason why that’s very useful is that if you’ve already set up all your fishing spots you can get this mount pretty much straight away.

Now the reason why that’s great is  because it actually gives   you flight so if you don’t want to   spend one platinum on some leaf wings well you can actually fish this one   out you get a free set of wings essentially and it gives you a pretty  good run speed of 45 miles an hour and   also allows you to not take fall damage, which is actually pretty  useful if you’re in hard   mode. That’s the reason why it bumped out a lot of the other mounts because a lot of the other mounts actually allow you to take fall damage it encourages you to run fast and then. It gives you full damage whereas the scaly truffle you don’t have to actually worry about that and that’s why it gets the number free spot now in the number two spot is the Blessed  Apple so this is another very easy mount that you can get in Terraria. It actually has the fastest run speed for a mount in the game which is 61 miles per hour it also has double jump it also lets you deal damage to enemies if you’re dashing through them and it also reduces your fall damage by  80 %. It is actually because when you’re charging through an enemy on the unicorn if you charge through an enemy and you don’t kill. If you don’t actually take damage the player doesn’t take any kind of negative help. Whereas when you’re doing the basilisk and you run into an enemy and it doesn’t die you actually take damage that’s a little bit counterintuitive.

Considering the  Blessed Apple is a lot easier to get them the basilisk as well I have to put the unicorn so high it’s without a   doubt one of the ones I use the most. Because it’s just so accessible running really fast is honestly so useful when you’re playing terraria so much you know running from one end of the world to the other can get pretty tedious and the unicorn mount helps that out an absolute punch. In actually have the Rudolf mount as the number one spot but unicorn is so much easier to get and it actually runs just the tiny bit faster.

So, the ring the amount doesn’t even make it onto this list one now when the number one spot is the drill containment unit what do. Probably one of the last things you’ll craft at the end of a playthrough but it’s so useful for people, who go on to new worlds all the time and just want to dig around and stuff with this mount you can literally just do so much like. If you want to make a plant hero arena just mine it out if you want to clear out a biome equip this honestly. It’s  so good it’s a little bit unfortunate that  you actually get it so late in the game   because by that point you’ve not played terraria as much because you’ve already done everything but I do really like it and I think it’s one of  the best additions in the   game and one of the best parts about the 1.3.

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