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Terreria started in early 2009 aspiring programmer Andrew Sphinx began working on a fun based project on Super Mario Bros. free it was later released in August 2009 under the name Super Mario Bros X and launched its first episode, in this first episode was the set levels that used the basic mechanicals found in the original game but as updates follow the game added more and more unique mechanics and even included a level editor.

Super Mario Bros X was a huge success with people creating and distributing their own level in the game periodically getting more and more episodes created by Andrew by himself. The development of the game went on until 2010at which point Andrew deleted the game during the progress of one point free update. It was later revived sometime later by fans and Andrew return to the project releasing the one point free update in October 2010, little did he know only seven months later his next project would launch him to global success and not without some huge bumps in the road.

Development for terraria began in January 2011 with the help Finn Bryce and Jeremy Garrett who assisted with the artwork for the game and also handling the community manager for the project due to the work Andrew had done on Super  Mario Bros X, there was already a large following for the game which was great at helping with meteor attention but led to some, Hiccups in the development of Terraria in April 2011, an early build of Terraria had been given paper bat VG who created the first let’s play of the game series was insanely popular but it also created groups of people who were desperate at getting Terraria. Before release which actually led to a leaked version of Terraria being shared only eleven days before the official release of the game, this version was actually very damaging.

As it was actually an early build of the game it didn’t have any of the content that would be in the full release and also had placeholder sprites from Final Fantasy, this portal of early adopters offered the game because they believed that this was the final release. At the same time and received a message from Nintendo’s lawyers forcing him to shut down development as Super Mario Bros X with his first game removed and his second game becoming leaked and smeared across the internet  Andrew was forced to put the game up on Steam.

11 days after the leak and thus Terraria was born having only been in development for almost 5 months Terraria was an instant success selling over 200,000 copies. During its first nine days on sale and half a million in its first month and then a million shortly after Jeremy Guerette silently left the real logic team leaving behind  Andrew and Finn Bryce to work on the game together. This was announced by thin on a community chat room during this time he also announced that he had been working with a volunteer artist named Lesure who still crates Terraria sprites full-time to this day seven months after the release of the game.

Following a few patches notes the team released their first major update to the game simply labeled. The 1.1 update this update added hard mode wings mechanical bosses wiring in hundreds of new items and enemies this was huge through the community and led to even more. Terraria copies being sold this is where Terraria started being associated with free updates and continuous development that didn’t stop. After the game was published this would be a business model that would be very successful for Terraria over the next couple of years this update was actually followed by a Christmas update a few weeks later that added snowmen in the snow biome this would actually be the final update for the game for almost two years.

The second big hump in Terraria z’ development was just about to begin earlier in the month in Bryce began discussing a new project on his Twitter account without giving too many details this confused a lot of people and led the community, to believe that sure re 2 was actually being worked on behind the scenes this wasn’t the case Finn had actually left re logic silently before that and founded a games company of his own called chuckle fish.

On February 22nd of 2012, Andrew published an open letter to the community on the Terraria forums explaining. That he will be stepping away from the project for good so that he can focus on other aspects of his life during this time. Finn Bryce also announced his game Star bound which would draw a lot of parallels. With Terraria this divided a lot of Terraria community with some people leaving the game and swearing by Star bound to be their next favorite game and people sticking with Terraria.

A serious question had to be answered what a game is entitled to and is a developer responsible for working on the game. After the launch of the project officially retired an only one public member of real logic left in the company. This was the end of Terraria apparently sometime during the fall out of. Terraria being canceled a deal was struck with 505 games and engine software to port the game over to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this was announced on the official Terraria Facebook page there had also been multiple games developers. Terraria for real logic most notably the developers of Dungeons of Dredmor asked and they were turned away there was also an Android version of Terraria created by Brant Guerin. When he approached real logic with his project they told him he couldn’t release him and so, he actually released it for free without real objects permission but before doing so we actually named the game.

A new title which was called branches and it didn’t work very well Andrew announced on his Twitter account that he’d begun working on a new update for Terraria which would later be titled Terraria 1.2. Alongside this engine, software had continued working on the console ports of Terraria and we’re releasing regular trailers and teasers to go along with the development.

Terraria finally launched on consoles and were met with positive feedback however this was only the start of the infamous console edition bugs that would continue with Terraria. Even up until 2018 as its still being worked on around this time Andrews’s fiancée and now wife’s Tenex began overhauling the community management side of Terraria. This was extremely refreshing and led to a constant flow of spoiler’s new community hangouts working with YouTubers, and creators in the community and eventually changed real objects image. So that it was finally approachable this is one of the biggest factors in Terraria success. As  it reinvigorated the community removing a lot of hostility and welcoming  new members every day a couple of months later the game was  even announced and shortly released for mobile with development being shared between engine software and code gloom one-point-two was finally released adding;

New biomes enemies’ bosses and a lot more for some time people thought it would actually be the biggest Terraria update. But the team had already begun working on even more updates that followed which added  Minecarts, Juke fish run even wave events like the pumpkin moon and frost legion there were also more people than ever working on the project with some people passing through only lasting a couple of months.

Some members becoming full-time artists and programmers work had begun on the infamous 1.3 update which was given the name the lunar of day and would be Terraria biggest update, that the community had ever seen development for this update was very slow and it was confirmed that it would actually be   Andrews final update. Before handing off Terraria to other employees a tree logic which only seemed thing as his first project Super Mario Bros  X actually ended with the  1.3 update.

Work began on porting Terraria 1.2 over to mobile and console but that would also take quite a long time. Thus 2014 was filled with a few minor updates that ended will update one point two point four and will become the final update for quite some time. This was also the update that the mobile and console editions of the  game were hoping to catch up  to which would take longer than expected 7:00 p.m. on my 18th birthday, I received a notification from Twitter that announced a new game was coming from  real Adak which would be known as Terraria of the world this was a tower  defense spin-off to Terraria, which would be worked on by very logic and engine software and we would see multiple screenshots over the next few months but as of February 2018  three years later the project doesn’t appear to be anywhere close to completion.

Unfortunately but that doesn’t mean sure our E’s history stops there so after a long wait the 1.3 update finally arrived for PC  users across the globe. This was also followed by a community celebration for the game and boosted popularity the game higher than it’s ever been before this update finally gave Terraria.

A final boss and kept fans occupied for very long time almost a year after the  game’s largest update fans were greeted with the wiring update for Terraria which gave players new ways to create adventure maps the update came bundled with an adventure map, that demonstrated all of the new possibilities and was also paired with official controller support for the PC Edition. To celebrate Ferraris fifth birthday players were given the party update which only added a few items to the game but it was a great way to celebrate the history of Terraria.

Terraria 1.3 point 3 was released which added some cool mechanics and enemies to the desert it wasn’t very big but it was definitely refreshing the fourth and final update of 2016 contained the most content.

In a patch since the launch of Terraria 1.3 and gave players an awesome crossover with Dungeon Defenders 2 the update contained a tower defense mode with a new boss new armors enemies and even a few Terraria weapons thrown into Dungeon Defenders tomb. This was a great update that brought some of the community members back to Terraria and even some of Dungeon Defenders around the time of the one point 3.5 update which added 4k support.

UI scaling it was also announced that engine software would no longer be working on Terraria over the world instead they had been replaced by pipework  Studios who had been working on the port of Terraria 1.3 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This would be the last time we would hear about Terraria of the world so Terraria actually was finally released on PlayStation 4 with the version 1.3 with an Xbox. One version coming very soon so what do we have to look forward to next well we already know about the one point three point six update which is coming to PC at some point in 2018.

We have the switch Edition to come we also have Terraria overworld if that’s still being developed and we also have the 1.4 update which is coming to PC in the distant future  which may even have a creative mode I just want to give an absolutely massive thank you to the people that have  worked on Terraria over the course of these seven years.

Terraria is an awesome game everyone should play this game if you do want to by this game but want to play you can Download Terraria Mod APK Latest.

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