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Terraria Mod APK having a complete version with a guarantee to win every game because in this game everything is unlimited and no one wants to lose a single game.

In Terraria APK Download there is a wide range of weapons which you can use against your enemies few of them are mentioned here:

Terraria APK Latest 1.3 in the 1.3 update many awesome and amazing new weapons were added powerful. once you get to the end of the game these weapons are simply the best and most powerful although this list is my opinion it is based off damaged  DPS usability, functionality and a horde of other pros and cons.

However, i would like to give a couple of honorable mentions although these weapons are really good they just did not make the list there is the star at the Stardust dragon staff and the meow-meow sword now. That these are out of the way let’s move on:-,

  • Number five is the SDM g AKA space dolphin machine gun this weapon is part of a crossover reference with the game edge of space another 2d sandbox game it has been in the game files since   2.  So nearly two years ago accepted has been unobtainable until the 1.3 update with the release of the 1.3 update the SDM  G was bucked a lot now with Lumina bullets. The SDM G can have about 100 to 150 K damage per second the highest damage per second of any ranged weapon with a good word, out this weapon can have a base damage of about 200 which is absolutely insane.  It’s guaranteed that the player will chew through almost any boss or event especially with the vortex armor stealth. But when compared to the chain gun this weapon has a slightly slower rate of fire, however, it’s far more accurate and deals double the base damage but despite having a 50% chance not to consume ammo the SDM G chews through bullets. Because of its insane firing speed with the vortex armor set, it’ll take roughly four minutes of constant firing to get through a stack of ammo this means that you may end up finding yourself farming the moonward for luminaire bullets something most players would rather not do. So despite this being a really awesome and really powerful weapon it only makes the number 5.
  • Spot number 4  is a Terraria APK Download yo-yo this is a drop from the moon world on a  side note due to a partnership with one drop yo-yos. This weapon will become a reality as a toy so you’ll be able to purchase the Terraria Mod APK yo-yo from one drop stores this yo-yo in-game acts similarly to the flare on in the weather that consistently spews out homing bubble like projectiles at a rapid rate. However, unlike the flare on this weapon that can hit crits of 1000 plus with the yo-yo bag accessory the terrain has the highest DPS of any melee weapon on a single target. If you seemingly unclear where the melee speed affects this weapon, because although it’s not meant it seems that it’s spamming projectiles faster with a faster melee speed.  I’m not sure if this is intentional or not so the all-around crazy  DPS homing ability unlimited use time for a yo-yo long-range and all-around usefulness of this weapon It the   number-4 spot on this top  5 weapons list.
  • Number 3 spot is the phantasm in Terraria APK Download even you will know how much You will love this weapon. You should always go for this over the SDM   gee it’s just a better weapon. Than the  SDM gee, this weapon was originally actually going to be my number one however after a series of nerfs this was not to be the case this weapon fires for hours at once at a random velocity. It has a used time of 12, however, this will speed up over time to a much faster rate of fire after attacking a target once the phantasm will fires strain of homing arrows onto a single target doubling the DPS. However, this will not work on test stones with holy arrows this can end up leading to   3 to 4 times the original DPS when using this bow the only hours. I would recommend either wholly or luminite because they are so powerful the ammo reservation is much greater than with the s dmg – with the 66% chance not to consume ammo. I only end up using roughly a hundred 250 arrows per killer event the final pro to this weapon if you’d be healing ability provided when using holy arrows inspector healing on it should be enough to keep the player alive. The majority of the time with the exclusion of the  Moon Ward of course and that is why it takes my number three spots.

It is real trouble deciding the number one spot both of the weapons for number one and number two are so equal in power you both have their own uses in the end I guess it came down to personal preference whichever one I liked using more since they’re both so equal.

  • Number two slot goes to the last prison the last prison is an insane weapon it fires six piercing rainbow disintegration beams. That combined into one super beam the super being deals the damage of roughly all six mini beams put together easily getting crypts of   1000 plus and even landing a crit on 11,000 on a crawl to Peter. Because of the negative defense, the main downside to this weapon is the way it chooses three mana uses twelve mana per beam however once all the beams converge it will fire six times a second and use 72 mana per second. So, unless you have mana flower and never your armor or something  like that which is highly recommend  by the time you  actually get to use the super beam you will only be able  to use it for a couple   of seconds, without your manner running out completely the thing is though you will barely need to end up using the super beam unless fighting fish run or move on. Because everything is destroyed so quickly with the good  Lord out the last prism can get an easy 10k   DPS on a single target however I managed to get   over 700,000 DPS with test dummies making this weapon have the highest single and piercing target damage in the game, however, I find that this weapon is not very   useful  in confined spaces and   is  much better to use  out in   the open when you can spray the rainbow beams.  All around however besides all this weapon is insanely powerful it is incredible and it deserves the number two spot in Terraria APK Download.
  • Number one if you guys haven’t guessed it already the lunar flare like, I said earlier personal preference. Using the lunar flare more than the last prison however the last prism could have taken this place as well so, this weapon works similarly to like the star wrath or the blizzard staff it shoots three projectiles out from the sky per shot and they land they impact they hurt enemies. Except this weapon is way better than both of those. As i said with each shot three lunar flares shoot down from the sky to where the mouse is these flares can and anywhere on the screen passing through solid blocks, anywhere above the cursor unless they hit an enemy first where the flares land they deal small area of effect damage making them a super destructive weapon. On both single and multiple enemies on test dummies, I managed to get a consistent   60 K  DPS on the group and eight K on a single target. If you use this weapon right and kill the destroy fast enough. You can also deal up to  640 thousand DPS the thing like about this weapon is it can be used anywhere and still destroy every single enemy underground in the open you name it the lunar flare has slightly less DPS than the last prism Superman. However, it has a greater DPS than the meeting’s the lunar flare can also be used for longer than the last prison without draining through all your manner. However, i would still recommend using a mana flower or near  your armor it may take some time to learn how to aim  with this weapon   and it can be  difficult to start  But it’s an absolute machine and you can decimate any enemy that comes into your path and that is why the lunar flare is the best weapon in Terraria APK Mod Unlimited 1.3.



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